Terms & Conditions

1. Tenants are expected to check in after 2.30 PM and check out before 11.30 AM.

2. The full payment along with the deposit should be made at the time of Check in.

3. The electricity cost will be charged according to usage at the rate of Rs. 100 Per unit consumed. (The rates may change according to the Government charges for electricity. )

4. Tenants should note the meter readings at the time of check in & Check out to calculate the units consumed.

5. If the tenant does not check out by 11.30 AM they will be charged an Additional day.

6. If the booking has been made for a period of 1 – 30 days any extensions Of stay should be informed three days before the original check out Date, if the original booking was for a period of 1 to 12 months any Extensions should be informed 1 month prior to the check out date. Extensions can be granted strictly based on availability.

7. Cancellations should be informed as follows. If adequate notice is given As indicated below we will refund the amount paid for the canceled Dates. If the apartment has been reserved for 1-3 days – 1 day notice is required Before 11:30 AM on the date before the checkout date. Failure to inform Will Result in non refund of the payment. If the apartment has been reserved for 1-15 days, 3 days notice is required Before 11:30 AM. Failure to inform will result in an additional payment of Two Days rent. If the apartment has been reserved for 1-30 days – 1 weeks notice is Required before 11:30 AM Failure to inform will result in an additional Payment of three days rent.
*The rental amount will be adjusted to daily rates since the Booking will be shortened to less than a month.

8. Reservation fee to ensure a booking confirmation for
1 – 3 days – Rs. 10,000.00
1 – 15 days – Rs. 25,000.00
1 – 30 days Rs. 50,000.00 and for
1 – 12 months – 1 months rent.

9. Please take inventory of the items in the apartment and check that all equipment and appliances are working prior to check in. Any damages occurring during the stay will be recovered from the deposit amount. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost the tenant should pay the amount immediately to avoid legal repercussions.

10. Apartment sharing is prohibited. The maximum number of guests mentioned excludes the primary occupants and no guests are allowed in the apartment after 9.30 PM. Please inform us if you will be having visitors and please note that any damage caused by them will be considered the sole responsibility of the apartment tenant.

11. Tenants should take responsibility for the equipment and furniture of the apartment during their stay. The cleanliness of the apartment should be maintained by the tenant and if once vacated the apartment needs deep cleaning services the charges for this will be billed to the tenant.

12. Any damages should be notified to the reception immediately or contact us on 0776 332580 or send an image of the damaged items to the above number via WhatsApp and we will send our staff to attend to the matter as soon as possible.

13. Tenants should not carry out any repairs or modifications without the consent of the staff and management of the apartment. Tenants should not move any of the furniture or equipment from their original places.

14. If a private apartment has been reserved the tenants should adhere to the apartment community rules and regulations. Please feel free to contact us or our staff for any addtional information.

15. No pets are allowed inside the apartment. Couples are not allowed to reserve the only for short periods. Parties and any activity related to prostitution and any other illegal
activities are strictly forbidden.

16. If any deviations are made from the above terms the tenants will be vacated from the apartment immediately and the payments will not be refunded

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